How long term car rental works

A car rental is a company that rents out an automobile for a set period of time. For long term car rentals, this is usually on a fixed-term rental basis that may range from a month to two years. Long term rentals are payable by affordable monthly installments but the rates vary from company to company. Car rental companies are typically located at airports or busy city centers but have several branches. This allows clients to return a vehicle to a different location.

Car rentals mainly serve clients who temporarily need a vehicle, for example those whose vehicles are getting repaired, travelers looking for a convenient way to move around in a new city or those that do not own a car. Long term rentals however serve those who may need this service over a long period of time.

How do they work?

You sign up for a rental either on phone, online or at one of their offices. You can choose whatever kind of car you want. If you are on a budget, an economy car is for you. Otherwise, you may want to select from their exclusive collections. With 93 vehicles in its fleet, long term car rental Los Angeles has something for every need and preference. In case you change your mind, you can exchange it at a different location for another car in the same class.Some rentals are round-trip; you therefore would have to drop the rental off where you picked it up. Some rentals have restrictions on mileage.Other however offer deals for cars rented out for two months or longer. You may want to read their T&Cs to avoid unknowingly incurring extra costs. A common car rental company myth is that they are all the same. Though many may be similar, they may change with time. Make sure you read through their T&Cs every time to take note of significant changes.

The following are some features of long term rentals.

  1. You do not need to renew your contract at the end of each month. On picking your rental, you sign an agreement and are automatically billed monthly.
  2. If you are a frequent traveler, you may earn points for every month you get a rental.
  3. Some rentals have plans that are a great way to save for long-term renters. The longer you rent, the more you save.
  4. You are also not charged if you decide to add another driver to your plan.
  5. Most of the car rental companies offers free pick up and drop off to wherever you are as a complimentary service. If they cannot offer this service, you are informed about fees in advance.
  6. Legends car rentals also has a long term car rental Los Angeles package that also comes with free carwashes. All you have to do is drive in whenever it is convenient and their professionals will give your car a quick wash or detail.

Some rentals have clubs that allow members get discounts on every rental so can you if you sign up for one.