First Time in Venice? Here’s What to Watch For

Venice is a world-famous city that you should definitely visit at least once in your lifetime. If you already decided to spend your vacation here, I’m sure that you’ll enjoy this place vibe, its elegance leaving you completely breathless in the end. Of course, you should realize that you have plenty of attractions to visit and several things to do in a short period of time. Being filled with culture and history, this city has a way of making you forget how many hours you have at your disposal to learn and discover all its secrets.

That’s the reason why we compiled a short list with some useful suggestions. Reading about the things that you can do for the first time in Venice might help, minimizing the risk of having no plan when you get off the plane at the airport.

Get a ride with a gondola

Maybe you already noticed from the pictures that Venice is surrounded by water, giving you the impression that you’re in a fairy-tale. A gondola trip is one of the things that you should definitely cut off from your vacation to-do list. You just have to relax and watch the sunshine while you’re moving slowly on the water. Beside the amazing views, you will engage with the city culture, seeing how it’s like to live in a city built on water.

Get a panoramic view of the city

I know that you don’t have plenty of time to see all the wonders Venice conceals but would you like to see the entire city from a large distance, immortalizing it in a picture? If you get on top of the Campanile, respectively the tallest city in town, you’ll have a panoramic view of all the buildings and streets, getting a big picture of what Venice looks like.

If you’re in luck and you catch a clear day, you will also see the Dolomites in the distance, adding a thin layer of elegance to your experience and transforming everything in a moment that can’t be forgotten.2

Try the Venetian Cuisine

Did you know that Venice locals are incredible chefs? Just try the traditional dishes at Ca d’Oro restaurant and you’ll think you’re in heaven! Another option that you can choose in order to get a great meal is Vini da Gigio restaurant, a place where food is prepared carefully, with fresh ingredients and different flavors that delight your tastes.

If you’ve already fallen in love with Venice, just wait until you get in the city! When you get off the plane, don’t wait in line for a regular taxi. You’ll lose plenty of time that can be spent discovering Venice and the costs won’t worth the poor quality you’ll receive. Instead, use the Venice airport transfers and enjoy a luxury ride for a low and inclusive price. Moreover, you will have a professional driver at your disposal, who will take care of you even if your flight gets delayed!